The Fame of the Clock

Recently a Muslim kid named Ahmed Mohamed from Texas was arrested and suspended from school when he showed his home built "clock" to the teacher. News flared in social media and every small and big personality stood up to support him including Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerburg. He was invited to the White House and Facebook headquarters. Good for Ahmed, he had a chance to shoot for the stars now. His arrest record has been erased and after suspension is over, he can join back into school. He chose to take his family or his family chose to take him to another country "Quatar", seriously? 

I think the teacher and police officers did what they are supposed to do. The alleged clock did not look like a clock, when asked kid said "it is a clock" nothing else, not other explanation. What the officers supposed to do? If something was to go wrong, who was in responsible for risking lives of hundreds of other kids in that premise that time? The officials did their job, they should be commended publicly. The fame went to the kid, but what about the people who did their job? Think what should have happened if your kid was in the same school on same day, and the clock was not the clock. 

Now, if a kid comes up with a new "invention", we should whole heartedly support it. I am not sure a home built clock is an invention. The clocks had been in use for almost a thousand years now, a digital clock was invented by D.E Protzmann in 1956, so simply Zuckerburg and Obama along with entire media has to know it is NOT Ahmed's invention. Kids make clocks, and all kind of stupid things in this world while in school, they use creative ways to build world known concepts. That does not make their invention. The family never considered themselves to be American anyway, they fled to middle-east when they had first chance and sued the city for wrongful arrest. I am sure there would be a lot of schools in US would have loved to take him in just based on the fame of arrest (not talent). The fame of arrest warranted him a fair chance at anything he wanted or deserved, but he chose to take this to somewhere else. What a waste! Waste of media, time at whitehouse and other places he been to with his 10 minutes of fame. I am sure deserving kid could have turned it into gold, it was just not him.  Everyone rode the wave of politics and publicity, including Mr. President and world renowned techies, businessmen without paying attention to the story. I would agree the  arrest was wrongful, but there wasn't a single person qualified to attest that device was just a clock, rather nobody could take risking lives of other kids in the school.

Vishal Khapre

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