Rahul Pramod Mahajan - One big social mole

Rahul Mahajan, Son of BJP top gun Pramod Mahajan, he is really a mole in our society. There are always time when everybody gets their bad times in their life, that does not entitle you to make such acts that will ruin image of your family. I am not trying to glorify late Pramod Mahajan here. He was a politician in himself, so without any comments, Pramod Mahajan was never clean. What culture and values does Rahul carry forward when he drinks and get highly intoxicated with cocaine, just before his father's funeral?

Rahul is really not a criminal here, everybody will try to point to him to make him feel guilty. Apperently, there can be another side to reality. There is a very great opportunist who worked much more cleverly and got Rahul framed with his act with drugs. Considering Rahul was already involved in drugs, he was an addict and also a dealer, spoiling thousands of lives with cocaine. This fact never came out in public until he was eligible for a public figure. There is a very high chance that Rahul was next candidate in the list for Constituency in Mumbai. He would have won the race to Loksabha with much more promisingly than his father. Pramod Mahajan has been to parliament but mostly in Rajyasabha. But Rahul would have won the elections very easily with his father's name and sympathy wave created by brutal murder of his father. Major threat to Rahul was inside BJP than other parties. The politics make it all dirty.

Rahul is definitely not innocent, he is liable for a lifetime career ruin. Bigger concern is there is higher society "rich" youth who is addicted with drugs. They have money and power to commit and hide such crime. Rahul's arrest does not mean anything right now. He will not be able to run election in close future, mob has short memroy people will forget his act. They will forgive him as recoverer. They will elect him with same spirit. Who will solve this drug crime then? Do you think he will stop this drugs or their dealing after he is out of payback in jail? Mostly his well wishers will blame it on Sahil Zaroo. "Sahil supplied and got Rahul framed" will be the headline very soon.

There is a lot to think about, why Pramod's real brother shot him? How can Rahul got involved in drugs? Why there is Gopinath Munde forced doctors to give forged medical reports?

Vishal Khapre

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This all should be changed.